Apex Legends is one of the best games available on both PC and Console. But, now the company decided to expand more, they plan to launch a mobile version (Apex Legends Mobile) of the game. However, Apex Legends Mobile is currently is under beta process and available for early access players or beta testers. From which some of the prominent beta testers have revealed a lot of things regarding the all-new Apex Legends Mobile.

Moreover, they have found some more features and game modes that were not available in the Pc and console versions of the game. Even some of them posted screenshots of the beta gameplay to reveal and to experience the users an overview of the game. So, In regards to knowing more about it, In this article, we will discuss Apex Legends Mobile Beta Featuring Team Death Match Mode and other exclusive perks – Here are the disclosed Patch notes.

Overview of Apex Legends Mobile Beta – Know the Exact details Here

The Pc and Console version of Apex Legends Includes lots of game modes along with their exclusive rewards. Moreover, the game got a good amount of fame from all over the world. And, In response to Expand more, the developers of Apex Legends decided to launch a Mobile version of the game. For which, the developers have done almost four beta tests till now. However, if we talk about the additions of a particular beta test, You can check out the below-given points.

  • First Test: Identical and many things are the same as Pc version of the game.
  • Second Test: Much Similar to the First Beta test, but the location of the Server is different here.
  • Third Test: Addition of New Game modes and features 
  • Fourth Test: It introduces more exclusive modes such as TDM Mode and other interesting perks.

Most Highlighted Features of Apex Legends Mobile Fourth Beta Test

After knowing the past beta test of Apex Legends Mobile, Let’s take a look at the recent beta test features, which is the fourth beta test of the game. As we mentioned above, the Beta version is available early only for those who are beta testers and already Pre-Registered. So, after analyzing the experience of different beta testers, let’ take a look at the most Highlighted features of the Fourth beta test.

  • Team Death Match Mode (TDM): This is an Exclusive game mode that was not probably available in the Pc version of the game. Moreover, the developers are currently doing a beta test. In which, Some of the beta testers revealed it. If we talk about the TDM Mode, So the TDM Mode is the mode in which two teams will battle out in 3v3 Gunfight. Along with that, Players are allowed to choose their loadout.
  • Addition of New Perks: In the fourth beta test, Developers have introduced some new perks in the game. If we specifically talk about the perks, then the perks are mainly divided into three different categories such as General, Finisher, and Exclusive Perks. However, if you Unlock a legend, you will get three general perks and One finisher perk.
  • Available to play on Ultra-Settings: Just same as PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile features High Frame rate settings for better gameplay. However, Some of the prominent devices can avail of this feature, which really fulfills the requirements for playing gameplay at a High frame rate.

Probably, there can be some highlights and features in the game that can reveal later, till that time, stay connected with us.


Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about Apex Legends Mobile Beta Featuring Team Death Match Mode and other exclusive perks – Here are the disclosed Patch notes. And, also well-known about What are the most highlighted features of Apex Legends Mobile Beta till now. With regards to this, If any user has any queries, share them with us in the comment section down below.


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